Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Still Busy

We have been ministering the last two weekends and will be ministering this weekend at Clarksville Trinity Chapel. We had a wonderful day last Sunday. We sang and the Lord was with us and blessed us tremendously! I preached on "Re-Captured" in the am service, dealing with rekindling a close, personal, servant relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Sunday night we ministered on "Thinking Outside The Box" and used Apostle Peter as an example referring to when he requested to walk on the water to Jesus. We will also be minsistering at Magazine Pentecostal Church of God when we have an opening per my conversation with Bro. hank Weaver, the Pastor, several days ago. Also we may be traveling to Bakersfield , California to be in service for two Sundays and a Wednesday night if the Lord leads in that direction. This would be for the purpose of trying out for the Senior Pastoral position at a church located in Bakersfield. Please help us in praying about this possibility.

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