Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Your Chariot Awaits

It's 2009 and the chariot has arrived. It was dispatched by God and driven by an angel straight to your doorstep. There is an ample seating capacity to accommodate your whole family. This heavenly chariot has come for no other reason than to take you on a journey. This journey will be filled with adventure as well as challenges. However God has promised that he will be with you every mile of the way. Sometimes you will cross deep valleys and sometimes you will glide through the clouds but you will always keep moving. It is your chariot of destiny. It was designed just for you. When this year is over, you will not be where you are now. In fact, you will be a long way from where you are now. Destiny will happen. You will not have to chase it or claw and dig for it. Destiny will chase you and overtake you even as you ride in the chariot. With the winds of life blowing through your hair, it will envelope you and empower you. Why? Because God sends personalized destinys for everyone. Real destiny cannot be chased down because it is not running from anyone. If you chase it you will in fact run from it. Real destiny pursues the person it is assigned to. When the time is right, it overtakes it's subject in obedience to God's ordained will and executes all assasins that would hinder it.

Remember Gideon when he was visited by the angel and hailed as a mighty man of valour and commissioned to be a deliverer for Israel from Midianite oppression? Remember David when he was tending the sheep and was sent for by the prophet Samuel to be anointed for his kingship over Israel? Remember Saul when the light shone from heaven and he fell off of his horse en route to Damascus. He became the greatest Apostle of the early church. Consider how the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary and how Gabriel announced to her how she was highly favoured of God? We all know what that resulted in.

Your chariot awaits! Get in and hold on!

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