Monday, August 11, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

For decades Wheaties cereal has touted itself as the "Breakfast of Champions". You have to agree that this is one of the greatest slogans ever. There have been many pro athletes whose photo appeared on the Wheaties box, adding them to the list of Wheaties promoters. Some examples are Bruce Jenner in 1977 (artist's rendition), Walter Payton in 1986, Michael Jordan in 1988, and Tiger Woods in 1998.
I want to look at another breakfast of champions. In the late 90's when Ruth and I pastored at The Friendly Church in Van Buren, Arkansas, our bible quiz teams in the church adopted the famous Wheaties slogan and had it put on their team t-shirts. Our 17 year old daughter, Emilee, still remembers those t-shirts and what their team motto was. I'm sure if we had a quiz manual she would still remember some of the questions, and most importantly, the answers found in the Word. I am thankful that she still reads the bible, even as a teenager. If you want to try a breakfast that is filling and will stay with you, not just throughout the day, but throughout the years, try the breakfast of champions, the Word of God.

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